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Frequently Asked Questions

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WePixMedia™ offers Graphic and Web Designing quality services, provides exceptional Web Development, Mobile APP features and functionalities as well as efficient Search Engine Optimisation, Content Writing, Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing techniques for your website. We have a new upcoming service: Convert Your existing website into a Mobile App.

WePixMedia™ has been in the business since 2014 and the majority of our clients are still working with us now. Before starting a project both parties will sign a contract. 

The duration of a project’s completion depends on the details and specifications that you wish to be installed on your project. On average, web designing/development project can be completed in as early as five(5) days, graphic designing can take up to less than 24 to 48 hrs, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing are monthly basis. 

Yes. We will be requiring you to be clear and specific with your thoughts and expectations. If you want to include images in your website, it should be of high resolution and text files should be saved in word document.
If you already have web hosting & domain kindly give us an access and your website platform login information.

The only contact person of WePixMedia™ is Joanna Cer below is our only contact information:

Technical Questions

WordPress is an open source Content Management System it also allows you to create fully functional websites and mobile applications. The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough for just about anything. WordPress is written using standard compliance high quality code and produces semantic mark up which makes your site very attractive to search engines. Using WordPress you are not just limited to writing text. It comes with built-in support to handle images, audio, and video content. You can also use for document or file management.

A responsive design simply means a website that has been constructed so that all of the content, images and structure of the site remains the same on any device. For example, when a user accesses a site on their desktop, they are getting the full view of the site. But when that same user goes to visit the site from their smartphone or tablet, the site will retract to fit on the smaller screen. In other words, with a responsive website design, you don’t have to have worry about having different websites for various devices or making sure that your site runs properly on a mobile device.

Search engine optimization or SEO in short, is a set of rules that can be followed by website (or blog) owners to optimize their websites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings.

In addition, it is a great way to increase the quality of their web sites by making them user- friendly, faster and easier to navigate.

In today’s competitive market, SEO is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems.

Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and Panda are technical algorithms implemented by google. We are using those algorithms in order to improve your rankings on search engine by following the standard ethical optimization for your website.