Frequent questions you always asked.

What are the services offered by WePixMedia™?

WePixMedia™ offers Graphic and Web Designing quality services, provides exceptional Web Development, Mobile APP features and functionalities as well as efficient Search Engine Optimisation, Content Writing, Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing techniques for your website.

How can you insure the delivery of your services and How much are your rates?

WePixMedia™ has been in the business since 2014 and majority of our clients are working with us until now. The rates of our services varies depending on your requirements, expectations and complexity of the project.
You may check our 
estimated rates here.

How long does it take to complete the project?

The duration of a project’s completion depends on the details and specifications that you wish to be installed on your project. On average, web designing/development project can be completed in as early as five(5) days, graphic designing can take up to less than 24 to 48 hrs, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing are monthly basis. 

What Will you be requiring anything from my end?

Yes. We will be requiring you to be clear and specific with your thoughts and expectations. If you want to include images in your website, it should be of high resolution and text files should be saved in word document.
If you already have web hosting & domain kindly give us an access and your website platform login information.

I’m interested, How are we able to contact with you?

We make sure that our potential clients will be able to reach us easily that’s why we have set up our: or graphicartistph